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My Demon Wife


Developer: Sleepwalking Potatoes

Based in Rzeszów, Poland

Release date: 31 October 2023

Platforms: PC, Switch, XBOX One, XBOX X, XBOX S, Ps4, PS5

Where to Buy: Epic Games

Standard Price: TBA

Short Description:

Horror game with comedy and simulator elements. You are a badass with a gun, but somehow you’ve been captured by an immortal demon woman. She made you her husband and a slave. Will you be able to survive and break free? 

Full description:

90s, outbreak of mass psychosis occurs on the B-movie set. Actors, fully dressed up in costumes start to murder each other. The wave of evil was so big, it has summoned the demon which possesed the main star of the movie – Rinona Wider. Beautiful woman became evil, powerful and immortal. She captured you, and made you her husband and slave. The movie set becomes the real hell on earth. You land in a creepy castle with mummies and other monsters running around (and nobody knows where they are coming from). Your wife orders you to clean all of this mess and you do it – because insubordination is punished with a painful death. But when she goes to sleep, it’s time for you to explore new locations and hunt for monsters in the garden.. There must be freedom hiding somewhere! 

Trailer/ Screenshots/ Key art/ Logo:

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Monetization Permission:

Sleepwalking Potatoes allows for the contents of My Demon Wife and its Demo to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from My Demon Wife and its Demo is legally & explicitly allowed by Sleepwalking Potatoes.